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Real Savvy Moms

Surfing the net when I should really be in bed, I just found this website Real Savvy Moms, it's focus is to support, educate and inform women on preconception, pregnancy and parenting.

At a quick glance I saw message boards, blogs and momcasts. They also have a television series. Real Moms, Real Stories, Real Savvy™"

Looks interesting and I'd like to check it out some more, since I'm a nurse and obstetrics is my field. I like what they are offering.

Layout change

I played around with the layout of the graphics a bit more and I like this better.

Birth Announcement Pics

These are the birth announcements I worked on today, they can also be used for baby showers. The Shabby Chic would also look nice as a little girls birthday party invitation of course it would be better if it was done vertically, that way the text would fit better. I'll be posting these on the website soon.

Shabby Chic

Baby Chic

Packaging Idea

I'm almost done with the babysitter note pads for the Stork Baskets, I'll post some pictures. I am hoping I receive the blank oval label samples that I requested to test out an idea I have for packaging my products. I've been searching for blank oval labels with no luck, up until recently, yeah! I just hope these are the size I'm looking for. I've already tried quite a few different ways to package my items - see through plastic boxes, cellophane bags with ribbon/raffia, shrink wrap, and right now I am using the clear bags with the flaps, but they are missing something, they just look too plain! So, now I have an idea I'd like to test, on one of my previous orders I partially created the idea but didn't have the labels... wish I had. I've been told and read that how you package products makes a statement about your business, it's fun and impressive to see that someone took the time to pretty-up your order and I agree, from personal experience. What are your thoughts, does it make a difference to you?

On a side note, I am working on some birth announcements and thinking about Christmas. I think I am going to add a little something extra to the Christmas cards and invitations, need to start working on those ideas, so I'll be heading out to the paper store soon. I want to be able to have some up on the website by the first week in September...We'll see.

I have three little ones actually four if you count my hubby - ha ha, shhhh don't tell.


The Parent Station Contest-Baby Stork Baskets

Good news, I received an email from The Parent Station regarding the Baby Stork Baskets and the note pads were accepted ! I'll be sending 4 of the babysitter's note pads for the drawing which starts in October, there will be a total of 4 baskets that will be given way to pregnant mom. This should be fun. I will post the details of how to enter the contest when I receive them.


I've been working late tonight creating a new product - Babysitter Note Pads! I want to be able to participate in a Stork Basket Giveaway from the Parent Station that's coming up soon. Originally, I offered baby shower fill-in invitations, but the prize might not reach the mommas in time, so I scrambled to think of what would be appropriate and I thought the pads would be cute! We'll see I emailed Rachael again, so I'm hoping I'll hear good news from her. I'll post the details when I know more. Oh yeah, here's a pic of the pad.

Featured on WAHM Spotlight!

Yeah, I am so excited our Maternity Wear Baby Shower Invitations were featured on WAHM Spotlight, along with other great WAHM's that have the cutest products.

I love Hip Chicks Boutique's oufits that are made to match mommy and daughter-how adorable are those!


Featured on Shopaholics Anonymous!

Great news! In July I was a featured designer on Shopaholics Anonymous. Along with the feature there was also a contest, the prize was a set of personalized note cards and a matching notepad. Thanks to Diana for considering me, it was fun and congratulations to the winner Designer Ella from Kiss Me Stace.

Website Changes

Lately my website seemed cluttered and confusing with all the categories and subcategories I had. So late last night I made some changes that I hope make it easier and fun for my customers to shop.


Fun Fact- Stationery vs. Stationary

Which is it stationery or stationary? The word stationery is a commonly misspelled word.
Stationery refers mostly to paper and envelopes. It also applies to pens, note pads, erasers, etc.

Stationary is an adjective and means immobile or unmoving.

For a little more history on the two words and how they actually come from the same source visit World Wide Words.

Wool felt flower pins..so pretty!

Lately, I've been admiring those pretty wool felt flower pins and decided to create some myself.
If you haven't seen them they are very cute and look great on purses, shirts, etc. There are many different ways to design them as well.

So, I purchased some wool felt fabric in many colors and I've been having lots of fun making them. I've been working on different designs to see which one I like the best and I think I have a winner. I'll be posting some pictures soon.


Welcome to The Glam Boutique - Personalized Stationery & Gifts Blog

I've created this cozy little spot to share with you when I have new goodies available, sneak peeks of new things to come or just talk about paper and other fun stuff. I'll also post when special discounts will be available to our newsletter subscribers.

If you have any suggestions or comments I'd love to hear about them, so don't be shy! I have some fun goodies coming up, as well a new monthly contest you don't want to miss out on! So, come back soon!