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Exciting News

I have some exciting news to share our baby yard signs and baby bundles might be on TLC's Bringing Home Baby!! If you haven't heard about the show (which I hadn't, I was only aware of A Baby Story) someone comes over to your home for a few days after your baby is born and helps you feed, burp, hold etc. your newborn.

Why did I say might, well because what if they edit the tape and not show, my signs, oh gosh I hope not!! This is such a great opportunity! Anyway, long story short back in June I did a "Baby Shower" yard sign for the new mommy, her mother-in-law called me over the weekend to order a baby bundle and she told me that her son and daughter-in-law are currently being filmed for the show so I offered a complimentary yard sign as well.

I'll find out more information maybe by tomorrow, the yard sign is still at the couples home. I'm going to call them tomorrow, once TLC is done filming I'm picking him up....just in case you're wondering "him" is the yard sign. Yes, they had a baby boy!

Congratulations to Yomi and Tyrone!

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